Thinksecret gone… Fake Steve next?

Last week, after a long battle with Apple, Think Secret was shut down. Apple has been trying to muzzle the Apple rumour site for a while now, to stop them from publishing leaked reports of their upcoming products. Think Secret obviously has a “mole” on the inside, as most of their revelations are surprisingly accurate. It appears that Apple has succeeded. The site now simply shows a message that the site is being shut down as part of a settlement with Apple.

Fake Steve Jobs, is a blogger that is not affiliated with Apple, writing a blog from the Steve Jobs perspective. Kind of a neat idea, actually. He’s had a running commentary of his run-ins with Apple lawyers and claimed that they were trying to shut him down. Well, turns out it was a hoax, or fiction, or whatever you’d want to call it.

It worked. It got me checking out his site to see what would happen. My only complaint: when he did come clean, it was pretty lame. He had built a stage to talk about how big corporations swing their weight to silence the little guys. He had an audience that cared. All he could come up with is:

Yeah. It’s like that y’all. Sorry for any confusion, but it’s all a joke.



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