Universal Fights Back

With a 20% drop in sales over the past 3 years, the music industry is finally understanding that they can’t just sit back and whine about piracy. They need to win their customers back.

Universal Music Canada is trying to do just that by slashing their prices on CD’s. The record company will institute a maximum suggested price of $14.98 on virtually all of its top line CDs and a $9.99 price tag for new artists (Canadian Dollars. Universal US will also introduce lower prices).

I don’t know if it will save the industry, but it’s definately a step in the right direction. At least they are acknowleging the fact that they aren’t just a victim in all of this.


  1. Now this is interesting! People have said for years that CD’s are too expensive, so changing the SRP is a great idea.

    I’ve been passing up “Audioslave” for months now because I don’t want to pay $19.95 for it, for some reason my CD Threshold is still stuck on $16.99, and if I pay more than that (even if it’s just three bucks), I feel ripped off.

    Wait until the movie industry starts feeling the backlash on their overpriced product. Why go to a movie theatre and pay $12.00 so that I can sit next to some idiot who talks through the entire movie and answers his cell phone three times during the feature (no lie, this happened on a recent excursion to the Beach cinemas) when I can wait six months, rent it at Blockbuster for $5.00, and watch it on my home system which rivals most theatres?


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