Shutting down for Earth Hour

Okay, this Earth Hour thing is a huge amount of hype! (not necessarily in a bad way) The entire issue of the Saturday Star is all about shutting the lights out, and it seems everyone was talking about it today. According to Treehugger, Canada has as many people registered as our friends to the south, despite the 10-fold population difference.

So I went through the house shutting down computers to do my part this evening, and pretty much every one had Windows updates that had been downloaded, but not installed. I usually hibernate or standby machines, rather than do a shutdown. A quick scan to see what was being done, and for the most part I allowed the updates to install as I shut down. I was realizing that some of these machines hadn’t been patched in months. Makes me think that a regular shutdown of all machines might be useful in keeping the patches up to date! We need an Earth Hour once a month!


  1. Hi

    I read your comment it was nice and all about the computers shout down and how its linking to earth it was very useful informations nobody can know about this it also make me to think that we should need earth hour once in month.i also hope to look forward this type of informations in future.



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