Joost is television on the internet… plus more.

The folks that brought us Kazaa to disrupt the music industry, then Skype to disrupt the telephone industry, now have a new target, and the cable and satellite folks have got to be watching closely.

Joost is the new product out that is offering streaming IPTV to your computer through the internet. They are currently in beta, and early reports are that it is slick! I would expect nothing less from these guys. It’s not just about taking television content and putting it on the net, it is about using the communications medium to its fullest potential and making the television experience better!

The beta is currently invite only, and I haven’t received an invite (*hint hint* for anyone that has an extra 🙂 ), so I can’t speak from experience, but I anticipate that we’ll be hearing alot of these guys in the coming months.



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