Joetek Server Move

Hi Folks,

Over the past few weeks we have been in the process of moving the system to a new offsite location to address the reliability issues. Suddenly, that process has been put into high gear. Lots of issues with the Joetek Server this morning.

The main Joetek machine suddenly shut itself off. Suspecting a Power Supply issue, I swapped out to a new Power Supply, which didn’t work. Power supply number 3 went in, and the machine started to boot up then it shut off, with the lovely smell of burning electronics. Tried a fourth PS thinking it might be a problem with the Battery Backup system, and plugged it into a different circuit. Again, bzzft! It seems the motherboard is frying any power supply plugged into it.

The data should be fine, and we’ll do a quick cutover to the new server as soon as we can. The new box needs to be configured with all of our funky modifications. Thanks John and James for all your help through this!

Update 2:
Fortunately, we were able to get all of the data by plugging it into a machine at John’s place, but it is going to take some time to get everything moved over to the new server. All of the user accounts have been cut over. Our top priority now is getting the email accounts back up and running, and then we’ll start restoring some of the sites.

Update 3:
Yes, I know this is the one thing that we are all panicking about, so good news: Crazylands is back up! 🙂

Update 4:
Sigh… still no email. We’re working on it, but there are alot of modifications that we made many years ago for our emails. Trying to get this to work on an OS with software several versions off of our previous system is proving difficult with all the cPanel stuff in there. Still working on it.

We’ve decided to offer everyone a refund for this month, and a free month for next month. 😉 Aren’t we nice?

Final Update:
Okay, everything seems to be back up and working now. Let us know if there’s anything wonky. Huge thank you goes out to John and James who hacked their way through to get this all to work. You guys rock!


  1. Hi
    I am the web master for Christ Church Scarborough Village, Anglican Church. We are hosted on your server.
    Sence the server crash, I have been unable to FTP to the site. It tells me that my password and or user name is incorrect. (The server rejected your login credentials. Retype your username and password and click OK to retry.)

    Can you tell me how I can correct this, as I need to update the site.



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