TSN.ca relaunches

TSN Relaunch 08

Big shout out to the gang at tsn.ca! Looks like they have done a relaunch with a completely different look and feel. They’ve moved to a horizontal navbar for the main and sub navigation, improved the branding, overhauled the colour scheme, and done some really slick font effects for headlines using flash. This is the first major relaunch in years, and

It looks really sharp guys! Big kudos to Liam, John, Kate, Mike and the whole team. Nicely done and Congratulations!


  1. Sniff, this one hurts. It’s the first re-launch that’s been done on the site since 2000 that I wasn’t in some way, shape, or form, involved in.


    Of course I still take all of the credit due to the fact that I hired Kate, Liam, and Fred, and I was responsible for bringing up John from the Globe and Mail. So really it’s all about me 😉


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