Finally! The iPhone without the Phone!

Back in January, Apple announced their revolutionary new iPhone. It was a great device, but it’s ties to AT&T really crippled it. First, their Edge network leave much to be desired. Secondly, and most importantly for me, is it limits it to the U.S. market.

We were all waiting for the functionality of the iPhone, without the Phone. I already have a phone. What I want is an updated iPod, which I use everyday. One that doesn’t feel like its 2003 again.

So, yesterday Apple announced a revamp of their whole iPod line. The tiny Shuffle gets a new color scheme. The new, wider Nano can now do video. The iPod, now known as the iPod Classic, moves from a choice between a 30Gb and 80Gb model to a choice between an 80Gb and a 160Gb version!

But the big news, of course was the release of the new iPod Touch. This was the iPhone without the Phone device we were waiting for. The slick multitouch interface, applications, wi-fi connectivity, safari… it’s all there! Mine is already on order!

A number of big blunders came this day too. The new iPod Touch should have been harddrive based. Even their high-end model has a paltry 1/10th the space of the new iPod Classics (16Gb vs. 160Gb). Their “International Launch” which would have brought the new units to a worldwide audience, unlike the iPhone, seems to be inconsistent at best. Here in Canada, the new Shuffle’s, Nano’s and Classic’s won’t be available for 3 weeks, while they are already in stores south of the border. A $200 price drop for the 8Gb iPhone brought screams from those that had just dropped $599US for it just a few months ago. Apple has offered a $100 credit to them. Apple’s stock dropped sharply on the announcement.

Regardless, I can’t wait to get my new 16Gb Touch… It’s still the best iPod out there!


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