Suzuki confronts the Feds at the Green Living Show

At the opening ceremonies of the Green Living Show this morning, I found myself 20 ft away from the scene where David Suzuki got up in Federal Environment Minister John Baird’s face for not doing enough to lessen the effects of Climate Change. As everyone seemed to be talking about it (CityTV, CTV, The Star), we jumped in to see if we could get 5 minutes with Dr. Suzuki for some quick quotes on the website.

Although tired after signing about a million autographs (plus or minus), he agreed to answer a few questions from our Web Editor, and got it posted: Suzuki defines the moment. Five minutes later he was up on the stage talking to a packed audience of about 800 people, with every seat taken, and a couple of hundred people standing in the back.

Tomorrow, more madness at the show as I get to see Al Gore do his Oscar winning presentation, in front of an audience that sold out in 1 hour, and with reports of scalped tickets going for $600. Can’t wait!

Even if you can’t get tix for the Gore presentation, the Green Living show is pretty cool. They’ve got everything from Hybrid (from GM, Nissan, Toyota and Honda) and Other cars (ZipCar, ZENN, Smart), to home efficiency, to Organic foods and clothing, and everything in between!

Okay, this sounds like an ad (and full disclosure if you haven’t seen my other posts, I work for Green Living Online), but it really is a cool show, and the first of its kind in Toronto. It’s open tomorrow and Sunday. Check the Show Site for details.


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