Rogers modifies pricing for the iPhone

In Canada, Rogers is the only wireless provider that will be offering the iPhone.  They are the only ones with a GPRS network capable of 3G, so the monopoly is technological, not just contractual.  When they released their pricing, it certainly showed their monopolistic tendencies.  In fact, Rogers is known for charging ridiculous fees for the most basic of services.

After a national campaign and thousands of people joining the Facebook group, Rogers definitely felt the heat and eventually modified their pricing, allowing 6 Gb of transfer per month for $30.  While this is far from the unlimited plan that other providers offer, it is certainly a step in the right direction. 

For most users, making use of email and even web surfing won’t use that 6Gb per month. YouTube videos can have a tendency to use up your allotment, but you’re more likely to do that over wifi at home or work.  The problem is that, like their internet services, suddenly use of the product is always second-guessed.  It’s only natural that if you know there is a limit, you will be conscious of it and only use the device if you need to. This of course limits the use of the device. We’ll see if it limits the enjoyment!


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