The perfect cellphone

MyOrigo is in the pre-production stages of developing my perfect cellphone. The “mydevice” is a tri-band GSM with GPRS cameraphone, with built-in PDA functions such as address books, calandar, and the usual applications.

What sets mydevice apart from the rest is the user interface. It incorporates a motion sensor, so switching the the 176×320 display from portrait to landscape mode simply requires you to turn the mydevice on its side. It allows you to scroll webpages, by simply tilting the phone up or down.

The screen also integrates both a touch-sceen and Haptic tactile feedback. When you press a “button” on the screen with your finger, the mydevice will vibrate in such a way that it doesn’t actually feel like you are pressing on the screen.

This is not only the future of cellphones, but the future of user interfaces.


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