Spot WatchThe SPOT Watch is a digital watch that can recieve information wirelessly. I got myself a Fossil SPOT watch. It recieves data through an FM Subcarrier signal to get News, Weather, Sports, and even real-time MSN messages right on your watch through MSN Direct.

Each night you drop it onto a stand and it uses electrical induction to charge the battery. It works fine here in Toronto, and at my work in Mississauga, as well in most major centers in Canada and the US. It’s all good getting Olympic updates right to my wrist.

It’s a little bit large, but not unwieldy. It’s bigger than a typical watch, but much smaller than say, a PDA, or a computer. Put it all into perspective. It’s even smaller than an 802.11b card that goes into your PDA or computer, yet it wirelessly grabs headlines from the air.


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