Got it!

My Escape Hybrid has arrived!

I’ve gotta say that the experience is really cool. At stoplights it’s both satisfying and eerie how quiet it is! I’ve been keeping the heating fan off just to enhance the quiet, even though we’re in a cold snap here in Toronto.

The eCVT has an interesting side effect. Normally, you can “feel” how fast you are going by the speed of the engine. I found myself cruising along at 135km/h (about 85mph), and didn’t realize it since the engine was purring along at about 2000rpm. Gotta watch that!

The Nav system spits out all the information about how power is currently being routed through to the wheels. The energy display is really simple and intuitive. The navigation maps are quite detailed, and it recovers and recalculates quickly if you miss a turn. Entering in addresses is surprisingly easy with the joystick.

Anyway, I’m off for a drive! I’ll post pics and video as soon as I can!


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