Oh the Irony…

And from the “eye for an eye” files…

Sharman Networks, the company that distributes the “Kazaa Media Desktop” software whose users are being targetted by the RIAA, is now suing the RIAA for… get this… Copyright infringement.

Earilier this year, in a presentation the RIAA made to a congressional hearing in Washington DC, the RIAA illustrated their point using Kazaa Lite, an unauthorized hacked version that removes ads from the program.

“Sharman Networks’ newfound admiration for the importance of copyright law is ironic to say the least. Too bad this self-serving respect stops at its headquarters’ door … and doesn’t extend to preventing the rampant piracy on their networks or lifting a finger to educate their users about the consequences of illegal file sharing.”
— RIAA statement

“It’s ironic that somebody who’s suing 12-year-old girls for copyright infringement themselves blatantly disregard copyright laws. Who’s being more ironic? He is using a hacked version of our code. That’s a straightforward DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) violation.”
— Alan Morris, EVP Sharman Networks


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