Getting around the Regulators

The FCC regulator in the US has suddenly gone into high gear since the “Wardrobe Malfunction” incedent. Suddenly all live broadcasts are on delay, and the FCC is looking at every broadcast under a microscope. Nigel Wally propses a way around that using PVR’s.

An Internet connected PVR, such as TiVO, or the PVR’s offered by ExpressVu or Rogers could download certain content through their broadband connection, and store it to their hard drive. When watching the show, the PVR could replace video that was broadcast with the video that was downloaded. Downloaded video is not regulated by the FCC or the CRTC. For PVR’s without a broadband connection, the video clips could be sent over a pay-per-view channel, which also aren’t regulated (or not as strictly).

Picture an uncencored version of movies, or Jerry Springer, for a fee. You’d only need to download a few seconds of video of the parts edited out in the broadcast version. The real moneymaker could be selling 30 second ads to cigarette companies and others that aren’t allowed to advertise on “broadcast” television.


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