Comdex Canada Delayed

Comdex Canada, originally scheduled for September 16-18, 2003 has been delayed until March 24-26, 2004. This was to be the first Comdex since Key3Media, the former host of the annual event, went bankrupt and transfered the responsibility of running Comdex to MediaLive International.

“Why? Several factors outside our control have contributed to a market condition in which we believe this event to be better produced in early 2004. A softening Canadian national economy, a steep drop in IT spending, and lingering fears over the SARS outbreak has contributed to an IT buyer community that is in a less-than-optimal position to evaluate and make critical technology purchase decisions at an event in late 2003.”
— Letter from Jim Povec, MediaLive International

On the contrary. In this current economic climate, events like Comdex allow IT professionals from across Canada to get together and discuss solutions for the future. Intelligent discussion with a new focus on viability, prudence, and value shouldn’t be put off, they should happen more often in tough times.

MediaLive International had an opportunity to help the IT industries lead themselves towards fiscally responsible solutions that will benefit their attendees and exhibitors, the IT industry they support, and the Canadian economy as a whole.

Oh well.


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