Move along…

The last year and a half has been a wonderfully exciting and eye-opening experience into the world of “Green”. When Green Living Enterprises realized that they had an opportunity to have a real content-rich website instead of their “About Us” site, they jumped on it with both feet. The Green Living Online team was able to design and launch this new site in a short 2 months, by using a WordPress backend, and the site has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

During that time, I found myself surrounded by some of the most driven and passionate people I have known. Margaret, Kim, Lee, Chris, Christine, Vel, and the rest of the gang, it has been a blast working with you! I’m expecting some big things out of you guys, and I’ll certainly be watching!

But now, the time has come for me to move on. So what’s next for me?

In the next few weeks, I’ll be joining b5media, a global network of 340 professional blogs, covering diverse topics such as TV shows and Business, and everything in between. They are looking to continue to grow quickly, although they are currently hitting over 10 million uniques per month. I’ll get to work with some of the best minds in the blogging world, and build the business along with them. This is a really cool opportunity with a great team!

To the gang at Green Living, I’m really going to miss working with you. To the gang at b5media, I can’t wait to dive in! publishes some traffic numbers

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen some up to date traffic numbers from, but as they rolled out their new look and feel, they released some of their numbers.

Today, attracts an average of 4.9 million unique visitors and 90 million page views per month. This is more than double the monthly traffic of other English Canadian sports broadcasters’ websites.

Some of the highlights:

  • 14.26 million page views represents the record for most page views in a single day (February 26, 2008 – NHL Trade Deadline Day)
  • 1.9 million streams represents the record for most video streams served in a single day (January 5, 2007 – IIHF World Junior Championship gold medal game featuring Team Canada vs. Team Russia)
  • 400,000 users are registered on
  • 125,000 is the average number of user comments submitted to the ‘Your Call’ section each month
  • 70,000 users receive’s morning email blast

Impressive stuff guys! relaunches

TSN Relaunch 08

Big shout out to the gang at! Looks like they have done a relaunch with a completely different look and feel. They’ve moved to a horizontal navbar for the main and sub navigation, improved the branding, overhauled the colour scheme, and done some really slick font effects for headlines using flash. This is the first major relaunch in years, and

It looks really sharp guys! Big kudos to Liam, John, Kate, Mike and the whole team. Nicely done and Congratulations!

Shutting down for Earth Hour

Okay, this Earth Hour thing is a huge amount of hype! (not necessarily in a bad way) The entire issue of the Saturday Star is all about shutting the lights out, and it seems everyone was talking about it today. According to Treehugger, Canada has as many people registered as our friends to the south, despite the 10-fold population difference.

So I went through the house shutting down computers to do my part this evening, and pretty much every one had Windows updates that had been downloaded, but not installed. I usually hibernate or standby machines, rather than do a shutdown. A quick scan to see what was being done, and for the most part I allowed the updates to install as I shut down. I was realizing that some of these machines hadn’t been patched in months. Makes me think that a regular shutdown of all machines might be useful in keeping the patches up to date! We need an Earth Hour once a month!

Bill Clinton to speak at the Green Living Show

Alot of people were talking after last year’s timely visit from former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to the inaugural Green Living Show, about how we could top that. Well, I don’t know if you can compare, but this year’s special presentation will be former President (and hopeful First Husband) Bill Clinton.

His presentation, “Embracing our Common Humanity” is part of the William J. Clinton Foundation, and its Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative. Tickets go on sale this Saturday! I’ll be there!

Format war over: Blu-ray wins

Toshiba announced today that they would be discontinuing their production and support of the HD-DVD format, leaving Sony’s Blu-Ray format as the “winner”.

It’s nice to have the format war done so that the industry can move on… finally. The problem is that so many people have put off buying into either format, that now hi-def downloads are a real contender. In the process, both formats may have lost. I think High Definition downloads will soon eclipse sales of Blu-Ray discs and will be the method of choice for high definition content.

Although with the format war over, I suspect sales of the PlayStation3 will skyrocket. The PS3 is still the best Blu-Ray player out there.

Microsoft and Yahoo

So Microsoft has thrown it down. After over a year of speculation, they have dropped a whopping $44.6 Billion to buy Yahoo in their bid to play “catch up” to Google. The Yahoo/Microsoft deal is not yet done; it is simply an offer. However, its pretty likely that this will happen, and that Yahoo will be owned by Microsoft at some point. (After a bit of back and forth on price)

This merger has been long rumoured, and is really aimed at combining Yahoo and MSN’s Search products to compete head on against Google’s Search product. There will probably be discussions about combining other areas as an offshoot, but the real story here is search. Microsoft needs to join forces with Yahoo in order to take on Google.

On the content side if this agreement happens, I would suspect that at some point there will be some combination of the Yahoo portal with MSN/Sympatico to aggregate content acquisition between both companies. Google has not competed in this space so this would be a lower priority for them, but they could realize some cost savings by going this route.

As far as branding, I suspect the folks at MSN are probably a little worried this morning. They are not going to get rid of the Yahoo name, but could drop MSN, since that brand is quite dilute already.

We’ll see what happens!


So the iPod Touch and the iPhone have an accelerometer in it. They use it to detect when you tilt the device sideways and it will auto rotate your photos or whatever with it.

What a waste! This thing is ridiculously accurate! With a hacked OS, you can load up 3rd party apps. There is a game that turns your iPod into a Labyrinth! The accelerometer is so accurate you can turn your iPod into a level, or steer a car in a driving game!

So give Apple this great sensory input, and what do they do? Allow you to tilt your photos? Lame!

iPod Touch and wasted potential

When the iPod Touch was first released, my initial thought that this was a device that could be built upon. Like a home computer or a laptop, this tiny device had enough processing power to incorporate some really great features. Built in WiFi, MultiTouch screen, and an accelerometer would give this device a real advantage over the previous generation PDA’s.

Don’t fool yourself. If Apple have their way, the iPod Touch, and the iPhone will never achieve their potential. It is a closed system. All applications have to come from them. Even their forthcoming SDK (due next month) will only allow developers to distribute applications through them. It is a shortsighted and crippling vision.

The best way to take this device to the next level is to open it up and see what the development community wants to do with it. Like Windows Mobile and the Blackberry, open it up so that people can load up their own apps. Companies created their own inventory applications, communications tools, actual productivity stuff.

So, at MacWorld this week, Steve Jobs announced that they were taking applications for the iPhone and making them available on the iPod Touch… for a $20 upgrade fee! Well, there is a way to open up this great platform…. and a hacking we will go…

Format war: Writings on the wall

The first big shoe has dropped. Warner brothers has announced that they will no longer support HD-DVD and focus its efforts on promoting Sony’s Blu-ray standard as a high definition medium.

As much as I would prefer HD-DVD to take and keep the lead, this has got to be a blow to Toshiba and the HD-DVD camp. The good news: one way or the other, we’ll have a winner in the format war, just in time for both formats to be obsolete.

Thinksecret gone… Fake Steve next?

Last week, after a long battle with Apple, Think Secret was shut down. Apple has been trying to muzzle the Apple rumour site for a while now, to stop them from publishing leaked reports of their upcoming products. Think Secret obviously has a “mole” on the inside, as most of their revelations are surprisingly accurate. It appears that Apple has succeeded. The site now simply shows a message that the site is being shut down as part of a settlement with Apple.

Fake Steve Jobs, is a blogger that is not affiliated with Apple, writing a blog from the Steve Jobs perspective. Kind of a neat idea, actually. He’s had a running commentary of his run-ins with Apple lawyers and claimed that they were trying to shut him down. Well, turns out it was a hoax, or fiction, or whatever you’d want to call it.

It worked. It got me checking out his site to see what would happen. My only complaint: when he did come clean, it was pretty lame. He had built a stage to talk about how big corporations swing their weight to silence the little guys. He had an audience that cared. All he could come up with is:

Yeah. It’s like that y’all. Sorry for any confusion, but it’s all a joke.