Q&A: Laptops

Q: Hi Joe,

I am looking for a new laptop, and was wondering what you think about these models:

Tecra A2 http://www.toshiba.ca/web/product.grp?lg=en&section=1&group=1&product=3171

Satellite A70 http://www.toshiba.ca/web/product.grp?lg=en&section=1&group=1&product=3171

Needless to say there are some very interesting choices between these two models. Starting with the processors P4 versus Centrino. I have read that the Centrino technology is just as fast as the P4. The Tecra if chosen will be upgraded to 512 instead of the 256 by the way. Anyways comparing things like the video card intel versus radeon, firewire versus USB 2.0, from my understanding USB 2.0 is faster. (Firewire is for her i-pod) Sooo many questions! All I am really hoping for is your opinion on which one you would buy and why.