HomeRF gets a busy new life

Some of the home electronics giants are working on ZigBee, a new standard for home automation through wireless control. The proposed standard works in the 2.4Ghz range and can support 255 devices. With a capacity of just 250Kbps and a range of up to 30 meters, it is not as powerful or as fast as the 802.11 or Bluetooth standards, but devices will be extremely small and low power (lasting several years on 2 AA batteries).

This specification, due in early 2004, will revolutionize home automation, putting these small, cheap devices in everything from lamps to thermostats, and if thats not cool enough, tomorrow will be even better!

New DVD format to increase capacity

The standard red and green lasers (and more commonly invisible infra-red lasers) in CD and DVD players are being replaced by blue-violet lasers in the new “Blu-ray” DVD format. The shorter wavelength of blue light allow for the pits on the surface of the disc to be placed at a higher density, creating disks capable of holding 27GB of data compared to the 4.7GB on traditional DVD’s.

If you think thats alot of storage for one disk, tomorrow will be even better!