Canadian Politicians on Twitter

It seems that @BarackObama stopped using Twitter as of his inauguration, but really, he only has 2 tweets since the election back in November.  (Yes, I know he has taken over the @TheWhiteHouse account, but even that only has a couple of tweets since he has taken the reigns)

I’d love to say that Canadian politicians are making better use of the platform, but sadly, while many of the prominent ones have an account on Twitter, few are using them effectively.  It’s still pretty cool for a casual tweet from your Prime Minister, “Called Mexican President Calderon today”

Regardless, here are some of the big ones in the Twitterverse.

Federal Party Leaders:

Other Notable Federal Politicians and Groups:

Canadian Premiers:

Provincial Representatives:

Other Local Politicians:

Let me know if I’m missing anyone in the comments below, and I’ll add them to the list!


  1. Whether you are a regular Twitter user or not, it has become a very powerful tool for gaining and keeping supporters for politicians. The trick is using it in the right way, and to use it as a conversation with your followers.

  2. Christopher Blueman seems to be making his mark. Once a small town politician heard he might take a run for a Toronto city council seat next election and will probably get it. His follower count is pretty good and actually quite interesting guy and really likes his music the markets and dogs?!. His twitter is @bluemanCampaign


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